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Phentermine Cod, Uk Phentermine Buy

Everyone wants to be cozy and warm and still look stylish—kids are no exception. Prepare the little one for any chilly evening by ordering this kids’ hoodie. It has a front kangaroo pouch pocket, which has a small hidden opening for an earphone cord and double fabric hood for extra warmth. What’s more, to ensure the kids’ safety, the hoodie comes with no drawcords.

• 80% ringspun cotton, 20% polyester
• Twin needle stitching detailing
• Double fabric hood
• No drawcords
• Kangaroo pouch pocket with small hidden opening for earphone cord
• Ribbed cuffs and hem

Additional information

Weight N/A


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Size Chart

Size guide

Width (inches)15 ⅜16 ⅛16 ⅞18 ⅛19 ¼
Body Length (inches)17 ⅜18 ⅞20 ½22 ½24 ⅜
Sleeve Length (inches)14 ⅝15 ¾16 ⅞18 ½20 ⅛
Width (cm)3941434649
Body Length (cm)4448525762
Sleeve Length (cm)3740434751