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Phentermine Where To Buy In Canada
Personalize Design

Cheapest Place Buy Phentermine Online, Buy Phentermine Pills Cheap

This adorable tee is so soft and light that you’ll want to wear it again and again. It’s classic and stylish at the same time. Comes pre-shrunk to ensure a constant size over time and multiple washes.

• Pre-shrunk 100% ring-spun cotton
• 30 singles thread weight
• Classic contoured silhouette with side seams
• Single-needle stitched seamed collar
• Double-needle stitched sleeves and bottom hem

Additional information

Weight N/A


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Size Chart

Size guide

Length (inches)24 ½2526272829 ½
Width (inches)15 ½1718202223
Length (cm)626466697175
Width (cm)394346515658