This is a quick video of me hitting the Ude-Gaeshi throw during a Naga Jiu-Jitsu competition in July of 2019. This was the championship round; this throw put me in a position to dominate the match.

The beautiful part about Judo throws is that it puts you in the position to capitalize and dominate your opponent.

Here’s a great definition of Ude Gaeshi from Wikipedia…

The person performing the technique (tori) pushes his opponent (uke) until uke resists and pushes back. At the moment of maximum forward push by uke, tori falls quickly to the mat directly in front of, close to, and perpendicular to the feet of uke. While dropping, tori rotates his body to pull uke over him and to the ground. As a sacrifice throw, tori is putting himself into a vulnerable position on the mat so the timing must be such that uke is quickly thrown over tori and has no chance to drop down onto tori.