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About IPD

In 2012 I started IPD out of my basement and back yard. I also started a concierge martial arts service where I trained adults and children at their homes. Eventually, started renting space in other martial arts schools and performing seminars. By 2013 Integrated Personal Defense, LLC was a brick and mortar school and immediately became a success. Our focus in the beginning was Kali, Boxing, Muay Thai and Grappling. It seemed to be a great strategy for the kids but not so much for adults. At the time IPD was only offering Jiujitsu 2x a week. But the demand grew and before I knew it we were a full time Brazilian Jiujitsu school. Since then we have never looked back. 

We are the number one BJJ/MMA/Cardio Kickboxing school in Tolland County with over 100 members. You can choose to compete in tournaments or not. Jiujitsu is a personal journey and should be treated as such. The goals you set for your training is what matters.

IPD is a family, we treat each other with respect and we have each other’s backs. We have fun organized events such as dinners, paint nights, kayaking and much more.

I will leave you with this. When I opened IPD I had two intentions,

  1. To help others.
  2. Make a difference in people’s lives.

I feel I have accomplished this goal many times over. I look forward to helping you should you feel our academy is right for you.

-Todd Jensen


Todd Jensen

Todd Jensen

Owner / Chief Instructor

Like every fan of combat sports at the time I was infatuated with the UFC which launched in 1993. Starting in 1995 I began to train with my friend who was a Gracie Jiujitsu blue belt. My eyes were instantly opened and my interest immediately focused on training in Jiujitsu. But at that time there were not many schools around. So, what did we do? Watch VHS tapes and practice in our dormitory lounge at Southern Connecticut State University. We did this for a few years and then parted ways due to our graduation in 2000. Like most “20 somethings” I squandered my time and didn’t get back to training till I was 28. This time I was amazed and intrigued by this little known martial art called Kali.

Guro Rich Smith of Risu MAA changed my life forever. I never knew the ferocity and beauty of the bladed art. I trained with Guro Rich Smith for 6 years and received my black belt. Along the way I met Sifu Chris Smith who was a BJJ specialist. Guro Rich brought Chris in to teach us ground fighting. I have to be honest, it was not my favorite class at first. Classes were long, strenuous and out of my comfort zone. But I stuck with it, I knew Jiujitsu was where I needed to be to round out my training as a martial artist.


“If you want something you never had, then you must be willing to do something you have never done” – Thomas Jefferson
Lisa Roman

Lisa Roman

Kickboxing/Fitness Instructor

Lisa has been with IPD for four years and has experience in teaching Cardio Kickboxing and HIIT training. Lisa is passionate about her training and is a motivating presence in class.  Lisa started out as a student with us in 2014. 

Like most of our beginners she was challenged and found the classes difficult.  The look on her face after class was almost hilarious because she was so exhausted.  But like any winner, she kept coming back and seeing big results in her personal fitness goals.  Before long I began to cleverly challenge her to see if she would be a fit for our staff.  Lisa did not disappoint, she is fueled by the success of our members and teaches with understanding and conviction. 

You’ll be addicted to her classes! 

Cassandra York

Cassandra York


Is a professor of exercise science at CCSU, a registered dietitian, and a certified personal trainer and Yoga instructor. Cassandra has over 15 years of experience helping people achieve their fitness and wellness goals.  Cassandra is available for individual and group dietary education sessions.  Please email Cassandra at [email protected] for more information.