IPD Brazilian Jiujitsu

Adult/Teen and Juniors BJJ classes all in our 4,000 square foot training facility.

Best of all, your first week is free!

Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) is a martial art focusing largely on grappling and ground fighting taught to children of ages 6 and above. It utilizes natural body leverage and proper technique to obtain dominant control on the ground. BJJ has been proven when used properly, to be an effective method for dealing with bigger and stronger opponents and has become increasingly popular due in part to its great success in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

It can be trained for self-defense, sport grappling (Gi and No-Gi) and mixed martial arts competition and has found its way into the training regimen of nearly every successful martial artist worldwide.

Our Current Jiujitsu Schedule 

JiuJitsu for personal growth 

Engage in a transformative journey of self-improvement with BJJ at IPD. Develop discipline, focus, and confidence as our experienced instructors guide you through the intricacies of BJJ techniques. This martial art extends beyond physical prowess, fostering mental resilience and personal growth. 

JiuJitsu for outstanding Fitness

Elevate your fitness routine at IPD JiuJitsu in Tolland, Connecticut. Discover the tangible benefits of Brazilian JiuJitsu (BJJ) that extend beyond conventional workouts. Our structured classes provide a unique blend of cardiovascular exercise and strength training, fostering weight management, muscle toning, and increased stamina. At IPD JiuJitsu, we prioritize a comprehensive approach to physical well-being.


Join a community of like-minded individuals at IPD JiuJitsu, where shared dedication to self-improvement creates a supportive environment. Experience the multifaceted benefits of Brazilian JiuJitsu at IPD, where health, personal development, and community converge for a fulfilling fitness experience.