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Ordering Phentermine From Mexico, Phentermine Cheap


Buy Phentermine Memphis Tn
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Ordering Phentermine From Mexico, Phentermine Cheap

You don’t want to battle with the cattle!

A special-edition shirt for those that are official IPD Team Cattle members. Are you 270+ lbs? You’re part of the herd.

• 100% ring-spun cotton
• Sport grey is 90% ring-spun cotton, 10% polyester
• Dark heather is 65% polyester, 35% cotton
• 4.5 oz/y² (153 g/m²)
• Pre-shrunk
• Shoulder-to-shoulder taping
• Quarter-turned to avoid crease down the center

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Size Chart

Size guide

Length (inches)2829 ¼30 ¼31 ¼32 ½33 ½
Width (inches)182022242628
Length (cm)717477798385
Width (cm)465156616671