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Next Day Phentermine Delivery, Phentermine Buy Fedex


Buy Phentermine Memphis Tn
SKU: N/A Category: Herbal Phentermine Where To Buy

Next Day Phentermine Delivery, Phentermine Buy Fedex

You asked for it, we got it! Our first IPD Jiu-Jitsu rashguard is here! Inspired by our Jiu-Jitsu roots… channel your inner samurai!

Don’t let sunburn, wind, sand, or other elements ruin your day! This smooth and versatile long-sleeve rash guard will protect you while you have fun doing sports. It is slim-fitted with flat ergonomic seams, and a bit longer than your casual tee for extra comfort and protection.

• 82% polyester, 18% spandex
• 38-40 UPF
• Fitted design
• Comfortable long body and sleeves
• Flatseam and coverstitch
• Very soft four-way stretch fabric that stretches and recovers on the cross and lengthwise grains

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Size Chart

Size guide
Chest (inches) 36 ¼ 37 ¾ 39 ⅜ 42 ½ 45 ⅝ 48 ⅞ 52
Waist (inches) 29 ⅞ 31 ½ 33 ⅛ 36 ¼ 39 ⅜ 42 ½ 45 ⅝
Hips (inches) 37 38 ⅝ 40 ⅛ 43 ¼ 46 ½ 49 ⅝ 52 ¾
Chest (cm) 92 96 100 108 116 124 132
Waist (cm) 76 80 84 92 100 108 116
Hips (cm) 94 98 102 110 118 126 134